Why Most Cheap Winches Provide CHEAP RESULTS

Why Most Cheap Winches Provide CHEAP RESULTS

If You Are Searching For the Best Deals on Electric Winches, Hand Operated Winches, Safety Straps, and Gymnasium Equipment – BEWARE THE UNDERSELLERS OF THE INDUSTRY

We recently quoted a customer a heavily discounted price for the purchase and installation of 4 Electric Winches for the Basketball Hoops in their school gymnasium. Of course, it would be unwise to disclose the name of the school that we were working with, but nonetheless, the organization decided not to do business with us.

Why? Because somebody else was cheaper.

Now in most cases, going with the cheaper option is abosolutely ideal. In fact, up until this point in our career we have usually been the cheapest option available to most of our consumers. So you can imagine how surprised our company was when we received this news – Until We Researched the Products That the School Decided to Purchase From Our Competitor

After conversing with our customer who decided to jump straight to the cheaper option, we discovered 5 Reasons Why Somebody Else’s Products Were Cheaper:


1.) The electric winches they purchased were of the same poor quality of the ones they wanted to replace

2.) The electric winches they purchased came with NO WARRANTY, NO GUARANTEE, NO FREE TRIAL

3.)The shipping was NOT FREE

4.)The company they bought from cared more about making the sale than providing trustworthy products

5.)The brand of the winch was PROVEN to be the least durable out of all field-tested electric winches


You have no idea how frustrating, irritating, and outright ANNOYING it is when we see this kind of thing happen to people that are responsible for the effectiveness and safety of their gymnasium. Not only did the school settle for the least durable winches they could have possibly purchased, they also will have to go through the trouble of replacing these winches AGAIN in less than a year or so.


One of the primary reasons why Gym-Sport Services has gone into business is to prevent people from getting ripped off like this. In light of this recent circumstance, you can now receive FREE INFORMATION on all brands of gymnasium equipment that you may be looking to buy, just by asking for it!


We also would like you to check out the Electric Winch that has been proven to be the most durable, reliable, and user-friendly option. The purchase of every winch is now provided with the “Three Gym-Sport Benefits” offered at industry-low prices and FREE SHIPPING.


Even if you do not buy from us, we want to make sure you make a safe investment for your gymnasium. For unlimited hours of consultation, CONTACT US TODAY or give us a call at 330-667-1415 to speak to an expert directly.


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