Is It Safe Yet?

Is It Safe Yet?

The safety of the students, staff members, and customers that use your gymnasium must be ensured at all costs. Especially now that school is back in session, it is absolutely essential that the people inside your gymnasium are protected from all potential threats of injury.

There areĀ 13 different signs of an unsafe gymnasium, but ONLY 1 Guaranteed Solution to identify these “warning signs.”


In order to ensure the safety of your gymnasium, you MUST HAVE YOUR GYM INSPECTED BY AN EXPERT.

Safety Inspections are the only way to accurately determine if the equipment in your gymnasium is safe for daily use. Receiving a Safety Inspection AT LEAST ONCE A YEAR is required in order to maintain a worry-free, safe environment for your gymnasium users.

But The Good News Is:

Gym-Sport Services, Inc. is now offering a limited amount of Safety Inspections for FREE with any equipment installment or service order through our website. Take Us Up On the Offer Now


Or, If You Are Just Looking For the Best Deals On Safety Inspections…

Contact us today for a FREE CONSULTATION, and you will be given 35% Off Discount on all Safety Inspections as a part of our “Back-To-School Safety Sale.” (Sale Ends on January 13th, 2012.)


CLICK HERE to Read More About Safety Inspections

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Due to high demand and heightened importance of Safety Inspections…

We strongly recommend that you CONTACT US TODAY or be put on a long waiting list.

Not having your gym inspected virtually guarantees that your gymnasium will be UNSAFE…

Let us Protect You TODAY



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