Protective Screens


Custom Screens Fabricated to Protect Scoreboards, Clocks, and Exit Signs

SAVE MONEY By Protecting Your Equipment

GYM-SPORT SERVICES, INC. offers custom Protective Screens to Keep Your Gymnasium Safe

The Problem:

Often enough, organizations will spend a lot of money to purchase new equipment for their gymnasium, but then fail to do one thing. After the purchase has been made and the equipment has been installed, gymnasium owners do not even think to protect the items they have invested their money into. Without protection, this expensive equipment is then subjected to potential damage by the people that utilize the gymnasium.


The most common examples of this that we have seen are:

  • Scoreboards that are damaged due to contact with a baseball or basketball
  • Exit Signs that are destroyed due to contact with a baseball or basketball
  • Clocks that are broken due to contact with a baseball, basketball, volleyball, etc.
  • Windows and lights that are shattered by baseballs

Any of these damages can result in anywhere from $100 to $12,000 being spent in repairs, service, or replacement.



The Solution:

To protect your equipment and save you money, Gym-Sport Services can provide you with Protective Screens to ensure the safety of your equipment.

*All Screens are Custom-Made to Fit Your Needs*




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