Stage Padding

What Could Happen If Someone Is Injured In Your Gymnasium???

This unfortunate circumstance is a major concern for schools and organizations that have stages in their gymnasiums and continue to leave them unprotected.


Full-Stage protective padding provided to Constellation Schools, Elyria OH.

If there is a stage in your gymnasium, it is your responsibility to make sure that every edge, corner, and hard surface of that stage is sealed with protective padding that will ensure the safety of your gymnasium.


Because this situation has recently become a very common safety issue in most Elementary Schools all across the country, we strongly encourage our help to prevent these accidents from occuring in YOUR gymnasium.


With Gym-Sport Services, You Are GUARANTEED:

  • Stage and Wall Padding that is reliable and affordable
  • The highest quality padding that has been installed in over 143 gymnasiums
  • Professional installation at irresistable prices
  • Custom cutting and fabrication of padding to allow access to all gymnasium outlets
  • Custom cutting and fabrication of padding to perfectly fit the shape of your stage
  • Padding that matches your school colors


There Are Just Too Many Accidents That Have Occurred

 As a Result of an Unprotected Gymnasium


All Padding is Custom-Made To Fit the Shape, Size, Angle, and Color Scheme of Your Gymnasium

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