When Steven Tresch was asked to answer this question on behalf of Gym-Sport Services, the resounding response was obvious:

“Absolutely NOTHING is more important to this company than safety. Ensuring public safety is what we are all about, and we will continuously and tirelessly work to make sure our customers have the absolute safest and most reliable gymnasium they can possibly have.”


-Steven Tresch, President of Gym-Sport Services, Inc.


Protecting the safety of students, staff, spectators, and all other people that utilize your gymnasium is the most important reason why we are here to help you!

There are many ways of achieving the safest and most reliable gymnasium you possibly can, and Gym-Sport Services is here to make that happen for you…



There are a series of questions you have to ask yourself when making sure your gymnasium is safe:


Have You Received Your Safety Inspection Yet?

  • All schools, recreational centers, and athletic clubs are encouraged to have their gymnasiums inspected for safety purposes at least ONCE A YEAR. From the frayed cables, loose bolts in basketball hoops, to the other miscellaneous imperfections we have found in the majority of the gymnasiums we have inspected, the results of not receiving a Safety Inspection can be dangerous and possibly devastating.


Do You Have Any Screens Protecting Your Equipment?

  • We have seen far too many instances where gymnasium equipment is damaged or in need of repair due to the lack of protection. These damages are usually a result of a basketball or baseball smashing into very expensive scoreboards, windows, exit signs, and speakers. With the protective screens offered to you through this site, you can save your money and never have to worry about damaged equipment again; GUARANTEED.


Are Spectators Safe When They Come to Your Gym?

  • Undoubtedly, there will be a variety of sporting events that will bring multiple visitors into your gymnasium, making spectator safety a crucially important factor to consider. Being a responsible and careful organization, it is absolutely essential that you explore how to keep your visitors safe when they come into and attend events in your gymnasium.


Does Your Gym Have Protective Padding?

  • To make sure that your gym is as safe as it possibly can be, it is imperative that you have protective wall padding to prevent injury to your gym users.


Protecting the people who use your gymnasium, as well as protecting the equipment that your organization has paid a lot of money for, is the most important aspect of what we do as a business. Safety is something that we absolutely CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH!

GYM-SPORT SERVICES, INC. offers the most reliable equipment, and cost-effective solutions to make your gymnasium the safest environment possible for all of your customers and gym users.

If you are at all unsure if your gymnasium is up to the safety standards of today’s society, we urge you to CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY for your FREE CONSULTATION!!!


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Thank You For Allowing Gym-Sport Services to Make Your Gym as Safe as it Possibly Can Be!


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