Electric Winches


We Are Here to Provide You With The CHEAPEST and MOST RELIABLE Electric Winches, Safety Straps, and Hand Operated Winches To Keep Your Basketball Systems Moving Safely For Days, Months, and Years To Come

We believe you should have the most reliable, and cost-efficient winches that you can possibly have in your gymnasium.  Gym-Sport Services, Inc. is now offering Electric Winches at industry low prices as a part of our “We-Are-Sick-Of-Seeing-People-Getting-Ripped-Off-Sale”

Every Winch Purchase Includes FREE SHIPPING… So take advantage of these deals before we come to our senses and change our minds!

Each Winch comes with our 3 Guaranteed Gym-Sport Benefits:


If you want the most reliable winch on the market for an irresistable price, the QR4 Electric Winch is your BEST CHOICE

Electronic Operation of Basketball Systems

1.) The QR-Electric Winch is the has proven to be the most reliable and the most user-friendly

2.) Includes Remote Control Capability For Your Convenience

3.) FREE SAFETY INSPECTION When You Have Us Install the Winch For You



OR – If you haven’t quite made your decision yet, or are still putting the winch purchases out to bid, why don’t you contact us today and let our experts in winch repairs, services, sales, and installments provide you with tips on what to look for when purchasing a winch.

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