Avoid The Emergency “Curtain Call”

Avoid The Emergency “Curtain Call”

How To Receive and Maintain Gym Divider Curtains That WON’T Collapse On Your Gymnasium Floor:

Gym Divider Curtains are vital components in making a gymnasium safe, efficient, and complete. Commonly used in Recreational Centers and High School gymnasiums, gym dividers are commonly relied upon to serve as barriers between specific athletic activity. Gym Dividers allow students, athletes and spectators to be sectioned off from unwanted activity.

HOWEVER… These Divider Curtains Can Be Outright DEADLY If Not Taken Care of Properly


I can clearly recall one instance when our company received an EMERGENCY phone call at 7:27 in the morning from a local school reporting that one of their gymnasium divider curtains had fallen off its hinges. Knowing how massive and heavy the average divider curtain is, an equipment malfunction like this could have been absolutely devastating had anybody been standing near or next to this giant curtain. Thankfully, nobody was present at the time this curtain collapsed.

Luckily in this specific scenario, the emergency call wasn’t to 911….


You know, much like the majority of these emergency service calls that we receive more and more often these days, Gymnasium Equipment Malfunctions Like This CAN BE PREVENTED.

So to prevent this type of situation from occurring again, Gym-Sport Services has compiled a three-step process for decision-makers to follow when looking to make a purchase on Gymnasium Divider Curtains:



  1. Make Sure to Test The Credibility of the Company You’re Looking to Buy From
  2. Make Sure To Receive Professional Installation Options To Ensure Your Gym Divider Is Installed Properly
  3. Be AWARE of Pricing and WHY Your Gym Divider Curtain Is Priced The Way It Is


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