What’s In It For You?

I bet you are probably wondering… “How Can I Benefit From This Type of Service?”

Well… We ponder that ourselves EVERY SINGLE DAY THAT WE ARE IN BUSINESS!

GYM-SPORT SERVICES, INC. is always finding new ways to offer you the best deals for the most reliable gymnasium equipment, repairs, installments, and services on and off the web! Strictly standing behind our CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE, we have made it our mission to turn your school, athletic club, or rec center gymnasium into the safest, most reliable, outstanding gymnasium around!


  • Sales, Service, Installation & Repair of ALL Brands of Indoor & Outdoor Athletic Equipment
  • Any and Every Type of Basketball System You Can Dream Of
  • Basketball Backboard Replacements and Upgrades
  • Wall, Stage, & ALL Other Protective Padding used ANYWHERE
  • Batting Cages (Indoor & Outdoor)
  • Gym Dividing Curtains
  • Protective Screens for Scoreboards, Windows, and other items that you don’t want to have to replace in the future
  • Scoreboard Installation
  • Safety Inspections  *VERY IMPORTANT*
  • Volleyball Systems
  • Bleacher Repair and Upgrades
  • Lift-Cable & Pulley Replacements
  • Winches


Having the absolute best gymnasium you can is very important…  Not only from a safety perspective, but ALSO from a business perspective!

Let’s face it, your gym is a HUGE factor when it comes to attaining and maintaining business, simply because of the fact that it is a HUGE part of the impression your organization makes on other people!


Think about how your gymnasium appears to new customers!

  • What type of impression does your place of business have on potential students, athletes, and other prospects when they are deciding whether or not to attend your school, rec center, or club? If you want a consistent flow of new people and a good reputation, then you absolutely have to make sure that your gymnasium gives off the impression that you want it to.

Consider the events that are to be held in your gymnasium!

  •  In most school sports, primarily basketball and volleyball, there will be multiple occasions when other teams from other schools will be traveling TO YOUR GYMNASIUM. Being that these visitors will primarily spend the most of their time in YOUR GYMNASIUM, it will serve as a representation of your entire organization. Also, if you think about it, sporting events are not the only time when this concept applies!

Consider what could happen if your gym is not safe!

  • Although this is a subject we may never want to think about, the reprecutions of unsafe gymnasium equipment can be very devastating. Failure to have safe and reliable equipment may possibly result in:
  • Injury to yourself or others
  • Lawsuits
  • Negative Reputation
  • Loss of Customers
  • Extreme Loss of Money


From this day forward, GYM-SPORT SERVICES, INC. promises to take care of all your gymnasium, sport, and athletic equipment needs forever. Receiving nothing but positive feedback from all of our clients, we can assure you that you will be more than satisfied by working with us.

So go ahead! Look around and search our new site for the various products and services that we have to offer you. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, just go ahead and and fill out our simple contact form anyways, and we’ll find a way for you to get what you are looking for!

We are a very friendly business and we want to hear from you as soon as possible!

Let us help you fit a more reliable, safer gymnasium into your budget.



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